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Stairway to Heaven - A Classic That Has Withstood the Test of Time

Based in New York, Larry Greenfield is an accomplished stock trader who has also led top-performing trading teams on Wall Street. Passionate about music, Larry Greenfield is a particular fan of musicians such as Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, whose Stairway to Heaven he considers one of his favorite songs.

One of the defining compositions of the early 1970s, Stairway to Heaven helped reinvent the rock ethos with a unique sound that melded delicate acoustic guitar, organ, and flute with thunderous electric guitar. The song appeared on the untitled album that followed Led Zeppelin III, which had opened the door for folk-based music alongside the band’s heavy blues-based sound. With the reception to those genres mixed at the time, lead guitarist Jimmy Page wanted a song that would better combine the two aspects of the band’s sound.
The result was a song that began in an English folk vein and took time to build and crescendo to a classic Zeppelin guitar-led climax. As reported in the Guardian, Page remains extremely proud of his composition, which has been played nearly 3 million times on the radio over the past four decades. He describes the song as “unraveling in layers” that keep the listener interested throughout, despite its extended length.

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