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Ping G Hybrid Design Refinements Improve Performance on the Green

Larry Greenfield is a seasoned presence on Wall Street who has previously guided the financial team at OPUS Trading. Also an avid golfer, he has played a number of noteworthy courses, from the Westbury Country Club in New York to the Ridgefield Golf Course in Connecticut. Larry Greenfield typically uses Taylor Made golf clubs and keeps a number of Ping hybrid clubs in his arsenal.

Known for its models with large-sized faces, Ping designs clubs that sit flush with the grass and thus provide stability that enables them to connect fully with balls. Released in mid-2016, the Ping G hybrid takes the basics of the Ping G30 and improves them in ways that result in increased distance. 

As reviewed in Golf Monthly, one major improvement centers on the introduction of turbulators, or unpainted grooves, which improve positioning and alignment. The roughness of the face surface has a spin-reducing effect, which improves performance away from the tee. 

Other refinements to the face include Carpenter 455 VFT steel construction and a “cascading sole” form factor. These serve to enhance strength and increase the springlike effect at impact. The ultimate effect of these changes is a ball that stays in flight longer and has more run once it hits the turf.


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